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Toronto Blue Jays

Born in Canada in 1977, this Major League Baseball team only knows how to go up. The first team to win a World Series from outside the United States, in only their 16th year, is a record by itself, too. The Toronto Blue Jays' start was a bit slow, finishing last for a few seasons (1977 - 1982). However, they were steadily climbing up, an had their first winning record in 1983, after which they have been a force to contend with. They have won many championships, including in 1985, 1989, 1991, and 1992. One of the few teams owned by a corporation, the Toronto Blue Jays have had quite valuable assets, such as John Mayberry, first Blue Jay to hit 30 home runs, and George Bell, named most valuable player in 1987. Cheer the Jays on, buy Toronto Blue Jays tickets!

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