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Tampa Bay Lightning

The state of Florida is known as the lightning Capital, so it was only natural for one of their National Hockey League teams to be named the Tampa Bay Lightning. They chose black, silver, blue and white for their colors, and with team and management members such as Phil Esposito as President (and General Manager), and Terry Crisp as the team's first coach, a professional ice hockey team was created (1992). Another very noteworthy member was the first woman to play in an exhibition match, and she had an unforgettable performance (she prevented the St. Louis Blues from scoring 9 times in one game period), so bravo Manon Rheaume. Their first Division Championship came in 2003, then a first Stanley Cup followed in 2004, and various playoff appearances throughout their existence, too. The Lightnings, are just like one of nature's most scary forms of power, come watch them live, buy Tampa Bay Lightning hockey tickets!

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