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San Diego Padres

San Diego was awarded a franchise in 1969, and their debut in April 8, winning against Houston on their very first game. In 1974 it was almost certain that the San Diego Padres were about to be moved to Washington, D.C. Ray Kroc bought the Major League Baseball team from Arnholt Smith, and prevented this from happening, for he had no interest in relocating the team. Their name, Spanish for fathers or priests, comes from the history of San Diego itself; this city was founded by Franciscan friars, who chose a Spanish Saint's name, San Diego, for the city. They own the crown for the National League Pennant held in 1984, and had an outstanding performance in 1996 and 1997, leading them to win another Pennant the next year (1998). Wave hello to the Swinging Friar, San Diego's official mascot in person, buy San Diego Padres baseball tickets!

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