Rugby 6 Nations Tickets


The Six Nations is an annual rugby championship that has generated lots of fans across Europe and around the world for a very long time. The championship is played by the six European countries with the strongest rugby teams: France, EnglandScotland, IrelandWales and Italy. Initially, the competition involved four, then five nations, but was later expanded to include the sixth nation. They took home the Championship Trophy, the official cup of the tournament. Plan ahead for this spectacular competition that has been enjoyed by many ever since the year 1883: the matches are played across Europe, starting with February. Buy here your Six Nations tickets to watch live the exciting matches of the Rugby 6 Nations competition.

The Six Nations 2018: Everything you need to know

The Six Nations 2018 is on the lips of all the fans of this sport. From 2017, the championship has adopted an important change in its dynamics: it agreed to the entry of the bonus points system. What does this mean? There was a shift from the two points per victory scheme, one for a draw and zero for defeat, to the world scheme: four points for victory, two for a draw, and attack or defence bonuses. The reason is simple: the need for more sensational classifications and more spectacle on the match field, by encouraging and rewarding the attack.  This international championship was the only one, up to now, to not adopt this classification scheme.  Find out more details about the Six Nations 2018.