The Premier League Gets Loud in Anticipation for the Boxing Day Derbies

Friday, December 5, 2014

The main English Premier league teams get their engines going for the anticipated football events taking place on the 26 of December.

Manchester United Boxing Day 2014

English football is already getting ready to hold one of the most anticipated events on the sports calendar:
The Boxing Day. Keeping an eye on the 26 of December, sports fans around the world are starting the countdown to witness some of the best football matches to date, where 4 of the strongest English teams will collide against each other.

With the spotlight already shining on UK’s main stadiums, teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City will display their ‘A game’ to protect their positions and show the world why they keep their name high up on the tables.

Two notorious London derbies that represent the passion in football

Surrounded by the festive spirit that comes hand in hand with this occasions, and having kept for years the interest and high attendance numbers from fans in the UK and other countries with historical British ties, football lovers will experience two top-notch London derbies where four teams from the English capital will face off.

Chelsea is facing this date confident of its chances, even more by having the home field advantage and feeding of the energy from its supporters on the Stamford Bridge pitch. A setting where Jose Mourinho’s squad will meet face to face in this anticipated match with another team from the city of London, the West Ham United.

Moving to a different venue, the Emirates Stadium will hold yet another battle in this Boxing Day where Arsenal and the recently welcomed to the Premier league’s elite, Queens Park Rangers (QPR) who will visit its rival’s home stadium, will both hold high their London flags in this highly anticipated contest.

The hunger of victory defines both Manchester City’s and ManUnited’s matches

Having in its squad one of the top scorers in the league, the argentinean Sergio ‘Kun‘ Aguero, Manchester City is getting ready for the bout in an important day full of euphoria and a competitive vibe lingering in the air. West Brom, its rival, must pay close attention to City’s weapons in order to cope with the blows from the Premier’s reining champion.

The ManCity players must bring to the table everything in their hands in order to gain back their supporters’ esteem lost after a streak of poor performances in UEFA Champions League where Pellegrini’s pupils haven’t been able to raise their fans from their seats.

This year’s Boxing day schedule is packed with excitement as it involves yet another of this season’s strongest team. Southampton, under Koeman’s coaching has managed to keep a high pace against Chelsea’s force, and will come to get the win and solidify his position on the table on the match that will take place at the Crystal Palace.

December 26th victory: a relief for Liverpool supporters

Liverpool supporters welcome their team without high hopes. The weak performance of the team hit Brendan Rogers head-on and the criticism over the poor image that they are giving is starting to put pressure on his shoulders. Given the dim scenario, December 26th’s match against Burnley can become the perfect opportunity for Liverpool to redeem itself before their fans.

But emotions will run higher and higher as Manchester United, the ‘red devils’ led by Van Gaal, will face off against Newcastle in United’s own football temple, Old TraffordThis bout represents the clash of two forces to be reckoned with as both teams have been running toe-to-toe for the entirety of the season and where the players led by the Dutch coach will attempt to make a statement and redeem themselves from a season full of ups and downs and difficult injuries like the one suffered by the Spaniard goal keeper David de Gea.

If you want to feel the excitement in its purest form don't miss out, check out the matches taking place in this unforgettable Boxing Day.