Rugby World Cup England 2015: Twenty Teams, Eleven Cities, One Cup

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rugby World Cup England 2015: Twenty Teams, Eleven Cities, One Cup

All rugby fans around the world are waiting for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, the international rugby tournament in which countries from all the continents participate.

The best 20 national teams in the world qualify in the most important international rugby celebration, and compete against each other in a series of rounds that end with a final.

For this 8th edition of the Rugby World Cup, the host country will be England, although matches will also be held at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium in Wales.


Rugby – A social sport

Rugby is a contact sport played in teams, which attracts millions every year. It was created in England from the English medieval football rules. Its creation is attributed to William Webb Ellis, a theology student at Rugby School that in the middle of a football match decided to take the ball with his hands. Rugby stands out for the respect for its rules both by the players and the public. For example, players rarely argue the referee’s decisions. This sport promotes cordiality, both among teammates and opposite teams, and the team usually holds a meeting after the game with the referees, coaches and part of the public called “third half” in which they discuss the match played.


The rugby rules

The game of rugby has a set of rules issued by the International Rugby Board
· The match begins with a kick-off.
· After the kick-off, any player who is onside may take the ball and run with it.
· The aim is to obtain more points than the opponent. To that effect, any player can throw or kick the ball, or pass it either backwards or sideways. 
· The forward pass is not allowed.
· In order to prevent the other team from scoring goals, any player can tackle, hold or push any opposing player who is holding the ball.
· The points can be scored by try (5 points), penalty try (5 points), dropped goal (3 points), penalty goal (3 points) or conversion goal (2 points).


Qualification and final phases of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

The qualification process of the teams that will participate in the world cup begins in the previous world cup, in this case, the 2011 Rugby World Cup, in New Zealand. From the 20 teams that participate in the world cup, 1 is the host country of the current championship, which qualifies automatically, and 12 teams qualify during the group phase of the previous world cup; these are the 3 best teams in each of the four groups.

The remaining spots are defined at the regional qualification phase. In this phase, 80 teams compete against each other on 18 matches in order to fill the available places. The last team is defined through a final playoff match.

This tournament consists of two phases: during the first phase, the group phase, the 20 teams are divided into 4 groups of 5 countries. In these groups, all the teams play against each other and the two teams from each group that obtain the highest number of points, move on to the next phase. The second phase is the elimination stage, which consists in quarter finalssemifinals and the final. The winner of the final takes home the Webb Ellis Cup, the desired trophy.


England – the host country of the 2015 World cup

The next Rugby World Cup will take place in England, between September 18th and October 30th, 2015. The matches will be played in London, Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Brighton, Gloucester and Exeter. These cities are known for their world-renowned stadiums, such as the Wembley Stadium in London, the biggest in the United Kingdom, the St James’ Park stadium in Newcastle, home ground of Newcastle United FC, and the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, where Manchester City FC plays as home team, just to name a few. All the stadiums will hold matches of the group phase. 

London and Cardiff

There are three stadiums in LondonTwickenham, which is where the finaltwo quarter-finals and the two semifinals will be played, in addition to the group phase matches England-FijiFrance-Italy, and Australia-Wales, among others. The Wembley Stadium, where the matches New Zealand-Argentina and Ireland-Romania will be held. At the Olympic Stadium, the matches France-RomaniaNew Zealand-Namibia and South Africa- USA will be held. London is the capital of England. This city is a destination chosen by many people: it is calculated that 15 million tourists visit the city every year, which makes it the most visited city in Europe. 

At the Millennium Stadium in Cardifftwo quarter final matches will be held, in addition to the matches Ireland-CanadaNew Zealand-Georgia and Wales-Fiji, among other matches of the group phase. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is the main business, sport, educational and cultural center of the country. The city is located near the border with England, in South-West Wales, and it is a city filled with history. 

Other cities hosting the Rugby World Cup

In the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, the matches South Africa-ScotlandNew Zealand-Tonga and Samoa-Scotland will be held at the St James’ Park stadium, the fourth largest stadium in England. The fans who go to these games can enjoy a city with a great sports tradition.

The winning team of the playoff on the qualification phase will play against England at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester

In Birmingham we can find the Villa Park stadium, where the South Africa-Samoa match will be held, among other matches. The city of Leeds offers its Ellan Road stadium for the matches Italy-Canada and Scotland-USABrighton, which is located in the south coast of England, will host the matches South Africa-Japan and Samoa-USA at the Falmer stadium.

If you also choose to attend one of New Zealand's matches, you'll have the chance to see one of the greatest shows in the world of rugby, the Haka, a traditional dance of the Maori warriors that the players of New Zealand are giving at all matches ever since 1905. Their performance at the beginning of every game is not to be missed!

Here is a video of the Haka dance from the match between France and New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup 2011:


With all this, England is ready to receive all the visitors that are waiting for this Rugby World Cup with attractions for everyone. The stadiums are prepared and the cities are anxiously waiting to welcome the excited tourists. The upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2015 is definitely an event that no rugby fan should miss out on. You can buy your tickets here for the Rugby World Cup, easily and securely, to enjoy live this unique competition and see the best rugby players in the world in action!