Coldplay Tour 2016: two unique stops in Spain

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Coldplay has announced the dates of their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour, the world tour to showcase their latest album, A Head Full Of Dreams, and madness unleashed soon.

Coldplay has announced the dates of their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour, the world tour to showcase their latest album, A Head Full Of Dreams, and madness unleashed soon. Chris Martin and company will pass through Spain in the spring of 2016. There are only two opportunities for fans in our conuntry, on Thursday the 26th and Friday May 27th at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.

A world tour with two concerts in Barcelona

Initially a single date was scheduled for May 26. However, after release of the date for the concert in Spain, the tickets sold out in only two hours, causing the group to announce a second date at the same venue, a day later. The price of Coldplay concert tickets in Barcelona is between 60 and 95 euros.
This tour includes a total of 20 destinations spread across 14 countries in Latin America and Europe: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. This tour will kick off on March 31 in Buenos Aires with the final concert in Copenhagen on July 5. A little over 3 months that will excite their fans in the stadiums and halls of half the world.
The forecasts are more than promising; everything points to the tour exceeding figures of the Mylo Xyloto Tour in 2011 and 2012, which was able to gather more than 3 million people on five continents. Coldplay chose not to tour with Ghost Stories, their last album, to focus on the recording of A Head Full Of Dreams, so the buzz created around its upcoming concerts is larger than ever.

Why not offer a Coldplay concert in Madrid?

Many wonder why artists like Adele or groups such as U2 and Coldplay have not included in their tour dates the capital of our country. The cultural VAT at 21%, the proximity of Barcelona with the rest of Europe and the support of the various regional and local administrations are presented as the main reasons for the decisions of the promoters and organizers of these events. Moreover, in economic terms, it is much more profitable to reuse the venue space when a second concert is announced, as has happened with Coldplay and happened with Madonna or Adele- then organizing it in another city.

A Head Full of Dreams, the revival of Coldplay after Ghost Stories

Last December the 4th,, A Head Full of Dreams, Coldplay’s last record premiered. Adventure Of a Lifetime was the hit single, a song which made itself known worldwide through their Facebook fan page. This is their seventh studio album, and it was recorded between London, Los Angeles and Malibu. It consists of eleven songs, amongst which we find collaborations with artists such as Beyoncé, Avicii, Tove, Merry Clapton or Noel Gallagher. Even Gwyneth Paltrow sings the song Everglow as a collaboration with Chris Martin. A Head Full of Dreams has been released in CD format, digital album and LP vinyl. 
This album is characterised by its energy and colour, «sounds like freedom» and gathers those moments in which life reaffirms itself, according to the band members. In Chris Martin’s words, this is an album «made to be played live», something which they are dying to do. He himself admitted that not touring with Ghost Stories was a good call, as that allowed them to focus on the recording of A Head Full of Dreams, and to look forward to going around the world with their music again.
Critics have discussed A Head Full of Dreams as an album which follows the lead of the positivism and colourfulness of Mylo Xyloto, making it obvious that Ghost Stories was clearly a parenthesis in the musical style of the British band. This parenthesis was directly related to Chris Martin’s emotional state after his divorce with Gwyneth Paltrow. The songs on this album feature pop rhythms, leaving aside their typical rock style, yet without excluding the sounds of the piano.

A tour that causes much excitement

In late 2014, Chris Martin made some statements that led people to perceive a possible end to Coldplay. He talked about A Head Full of Dreams as the seventh album of his career, something that he and his partners compared ironically to «the last Harry Potter book». After that he added that even if that represents the end of something, this does not imply that they are not going to do anything else in the future. Will this be the last Coldplay tour as we have known them until now?
On the other hand, the european dates of Coldplay with A Head Full of Dreams Tour are their first ones after what happened in Paris. The music world grieved in its own way over what happened in the attacks in Paris, which perpetuated sadness and horror around the world on the night of November 13th. Coldplay cancelled a showcase taking place in Los Angeles the 14th of November through KROQ and Tidal, a platform which competes against services like Spotify and of which Chris Martin is the co-proprietor with other 17 artists like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Calvin Harris or Kanye West.
Nevertheless, the British band chose to offer an acoustic concert which opened with a heartfelt version of the popular Imagine by John Lennon, dedicated to the victims. They did it it because they believe in music as an alternative to getting out to the streets and picking somebody «to have a fight with», and although it may not convince anybody from ISIS, it is a way to «help ourselves to respond to them», they say.

Super Bowl: next stop before ​A Head Full Of Dreams Tour

On the 3rd of December the National Football League (NFL) announced who would host the halftime show of the 50th edition Super Bowl: Coldplay will perform as the VIP guest on February 7th at the Golden Super Bowl. The game will be played at Levi’s Stadium in California and will decide who will take home the championship.
There could not be a better time to count on the British band for the sporting event of the year. Their new album, the collaborations in particular, and the worldwide tour as well as the possibility that this could be the last album as a group is without a doubt an unquestionable appeal.
Katy Perry was in charge of performing at the halftime show of the Super Bowl last year in Arizona, breaking the audience record with 121 million viewers. Will Coldplay be able to beat it? It is more than possible taking into account that Chris Martin’s boys will not be alone on stage; Bruno Mars and Beyoncé will be joining them, with their collaboration of Hymn of the Weekend, included in A Head Full Of Dreams.