Champions League 2017 Quarter-Finals draw

Monday, March 27, 2017

After the ruthless play-offs and surprises, absolutely no one expected a Champions League quarter-final like this, everybody looking forward to seeing. We are waiting for the clashes and interesting meetings after the draw, the teams cheat the expected result, especially after we saw the previous phase.


Atletico Madrid v Leicester City

We can say this is one of the match are not this type of media, compared to others, but there is no doubt that we will see a real football  fighters. Both teams in their respective leagues broke the monotony in which we are accustomed to select the winners in advance. They achieved great results along with a strong team and now it's one of them will have to be at the doors of the semifinals. The first words of the coach of Foxies were such that it is a great achievement for his team, but after the match against Sevilla that felt the strength of mutual respect was provided by Atletico Madrid. Also mutual respect shown by the central and key piece of At. Madrid, Diego Godín who confesses that they respect a lot the Shakespeare team current substitute of Ranieri in the English team. The first leg will be in the Calderón on April 12, where the team led by Simeone with 5 won matches against English clubs, with players like Grismann, Carrasco and Gameiro will be responsible for ensuring that the positive statistics don't change. The second leg will be on April 18 in Leicester, where Vardi and the rest will show which team will actively continue to shine in the Champions League.

Borussia Dortmund vs Monaco

The teams are emotional and grateful for the results of the draw in the quarterfinals. They are looking forward to the match, as their clash in the Champions League will be the first time. The French club Monaco has a strong and confident position after having ousted Manchester City in the prematches, especially with Ramdel Falcao this season. Borussia also did her homework, eliminating Benfica after a miss in the first match, polishing his flaws in the second leg, with a total result of 4-1. Marcel Schmelzer captain of the German side, emphasizes the good organization of Monaco, but the balance is still on the side of Borussia Dormund, they lost only one match out of 12 in Europe. The first leg will be held April 11 in Dortmund and the second leg around April 19 in Monacowhere Dormund expects to defend his positive balance with 5 wins out of home. It should also be noted that the match will be special for Obamaimeyang, who wore the uniform of Monaco for half the season.

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

This duel of two real titans, the first leg will be held on April 12 in Munich on the Allianz Arena, where Carlo Ancelotti and Xavi Alonso will meet with the most dangerous players, such as Robert Lewandowski, who already knows how to drill a hole in the defense of “blancos”. On April 18, the German giants Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben, Bale, Boateng, the list of players that the whole world knows, will come to Madrid on Santiago Bernabeu to face in the quarterfinals. Real Madrid lived up to expectations in the quarterfinals with Napoli with a score of 2-6, and no less did Bayern, eliminating the Arsenal with a total score of 10-2. Two topical clubs, leaders in their leagues, are newly in the top, after Bayern Munich won after a penalty in 2012, and the next year Real Madrid defeated the German team with a total score of 5-0. Football clubs are in debt to each other. Zidane must prove to all his fans that he has chosen the right tactics for “merenges”.

FC Juventus vs FC Barcelona

What agiotage gives football revenge, despite the words of the vice president and ex-player Pavel Nedved "I do not know if it will be revenge for the final of 2015, but I know that it will be a great knockout, a great match"
This is an opportunity for Juventus in the quarter-finals of the Champions League to avenge the loss in the finals of 2015 before the Catalan club. The attempt will be held in two fases, the first leg will be on April 11 at the Juventus Stadium and the second leg on April 19 at the Camp Nou, where the spirit of victory is still blowing, where wonders such as the return match of Barça against Paris Saint-Germain are taking place. Most of the conversations and headlines were caused by the achievement of the players of Luis Enrique, the current coach until the end of this season, with the euphoria of Neimar, Suarez and Leo Messi, and the new guardian angel Sergio Roberto, all of whom became the authors of the epic return to history of the Champions League. With the result 6-1 (4-0) against Paris Saint-Germain. On the other hand, Juventus did not suffer much, the comfortable score 0-2 and 0-1 in the second leg match with Oporto gave way to the quarter final to the Italian team. We are faced with a game that, of course will see the most solid and organized attack against the most powerful team in Europe, a clash of trains, which we can contemplate in the living. Dani Alves will play at the Camp Nou, the stadium where he spent the last year wearing a T-shirt of FC Barcelona, where, by the way, he celebrated the victory in 2015 against Juventus in the Champions League final.
The places in the Champions League are getting harder to conquer. The teams must give the maximum in two high-level matches, not forgetting also their respective opponents. Germany is betting on Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, the Italians are supporting Juventus and England is rooting for Leicester City, the newcomers to the Champions League. In France this year's turn for Monaco to be heard and, finally Spain with the largest number of participants of Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona.