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*For the season 2017/2018 Atletico Madrid will play their matches at the new Wanda Metropolitano stadium. More information here.


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The Vicente Calderon Stadium is located on the banks of the Manzanares River, on the Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto, in the district of Arganzuela, in the city of Madrid. The M-30, the famous ring road of the Spanish capital, passes just below the bleachers of the Atletico de Madrid stadium.

The rojiblanco colosseum has the capacity to seat 54.907 spectators and achieved the ranking of a '5-star stadium', granted by UEFA, in the year 2003. The historical museum of the Atlético Madrid, a sacred place for the team´s fans in the Vicente Calderon, exhibits the club´s trophies and takes visitors on a trip along the club´s successes, by way of audio-visual material, boots, balls and other objects of worship that are part of the Atleti´s past, present and future.

The Atlético’s refuge is organized as follows:
●      Lateral: located on the Paseo de los Melancólicos
●      Front: facing the Paseo de la Virgen del Puerto
●      North rear : towards the Calle Duque de Tovar
●      South rear : towards the Calle San Epifanio

The two rears are divided into bleachers, galleries, first amphitheater and second amphitheater, but the south also has cheering bleachers. The front side has lower bleachers (closest to the field), bleachers, VIP areas, lower top gallery and higher top gallery.



How to get to the Vicente Calderon Stadium

The easiest and fastest way of getting to the Vicente Calderon Stadium from the center of Madrid is via the metro. The stations Pirámides and Marques de Vadillo, both on the line 5, are closest to the facilities of the Atlético Madrid´s stadium. The former is only ten minutes walking distance away, while it takes only 15 minutes to walk to the stadium from the latter.
If you are in Atocha, you will need to take the metro line 1 to Gran Via and then transfer to line 5 to finally get off at Pirámides or Marques de Vadillo. From Puerta del Sol, take line 3 to Embajadores and then line 5 to reach one of the two mentioned stations.

Would you prefer to travel by bus to the Atletico Madrid´s field? These eleven lines connect the metropolitan area of Madrid with the Vicente Calderon Stadium: 17, 18, 23, 34, 35, 36, 50, 62, 116, 118 and 119.
You have multiple options to reach the rojiblanco stadium with one of the more comfortable, economic and environmentally friendly means of transport, while enjoying the scenery offered by the capital city.
The Madrid city buses run every day of the year; mostly during the daytime, from 6 am until 11:30 pm, but there is also a night service, known as the owl.

Renfe connects several locations within the City of Madrid with the Vicente Calderon Stadium, by way of its metropolitan network. Members and fans can take any train which stops at the Pirámides station, more precisely, the lines C-1, C-7 or C-10, in order to reach the stadium and cheer the team.

Given the easy access to the Vicente Calderon Stadium, spectators approaching the facilities of the Atlético Madrid by car, to watch a football match or any other event, will not experience any difficulties on arrival at the stadium.
However, in order to prevent traffic jams in the surrounding area of the stadium and to be able to secure parking space well in advance, it is advisable to use public transport or park in the surroundings and proceed to the stadium on foot.  


Access to the Seats

The Atletico Madrid entry tickets contain the following information:

The specific location of your seat within any of the four areas of the stadium (2 lateral amphitheater, rear northern bleachers, rear southern galleries…). Each location of the Vicente Calderon Stadium is assigned a specific name, and the hallways are well signposted for easy identification, thus it is very difficult to get lost and end up walking in the wrong direction.

In order to make it even easier for you to find your seat among the crowds, once inside the compound, we will explain the meaning of each of the numbers contained on the entry ticket, as follows:

●      Gate and stairway: these are the main references for access to the stadium´s bleachers, amphitheaters and galleries, as well for exit at the end of the game.
●      Sector: each of the sectors is marked with a three-digit number and divided by corridors, so you only need to make sure you are crossing the right one. If you look closely, the first digit indicates the level of the seat and the other two correspond to the numbering of the sectors. By way of these examples, you will understand: 2xx bleacher, 3xx gallery, 4xx first amphitheater, 5xx second amphitheater…
Adjacent to gate 32 of the Vicente Calderón stadium, you will find an Atlético service center, directly accessible from the Calle San Epifanio. Apart from the daily sale of tickets for the matches played by the Atlético in its home stadium, this service center will help you to clear any doubt regarding the location of your seat. Do not hesitate to consult this information center in case you are unable to locate the museum, the club´s official shop, or the IndiPark, the children´s fun park. In order to provide information to Atlético de Madrid´s members and fans, as well as to the public, the service center is open on match days, from 10 am until the referee´s whistle at the end of the game. 
●      Row: Once you have located your sector, you should be in front of the row in which your seat is located.
●      Seat: now all you have to do is to locate the number that appears at the access to your seat. At this point, just relax and trust the players to provide you with a spectacular show of football, magic tricks and beautiful goals that will shake the Vicente Calderon Stadium. Above all, do not miss out on singing the rojiblanco anthem and supporting the team with thunderous applause, cheers and cries of "Olé".

Vicente Calderon Seat Map:


Safety regulations for access to the Vicente Calderon Stadium

Pursuant to the FIFA regulations, the following basic safety regulations must be observed during all matches performed at the Vicente Calderon Stadium:

●      Any type of material (flags, banners…) promoting xenophobia, racism and violence is restricted.

●      Access to the stadium with oversize objects which do not fit under the seat and represent an obstacle in case of an emergency, is not permitted.

●      In the same sense, objects that can be used as a weapon, cause fires or represent a potential health hazard, as well as those that distract the player´s and the referee´s attention or produce a disproportionate noise level, are forbidden.

●      Cameras and recording equipment, other than for personal use, are not allowed.

●      The possession of illegal substances, not limited exclusively to drugs, is strictly prohibited.

●      Access to the Vicente Calderon Stadium with animals is not allowed, except in the case of handicapped persons.

●      Accessing the stadium in possession of other objects that may compromise public safety or limit the view of the other spectators are also considered grounds for refusal of access to the stadium.

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