Copa del Rey Tickets

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The Copa del Rey or Spanish Cup was founded in 1903 and is the oldest and second most important football competition in Spain. With eighty-four Spanish teams taking part, including all of the first and second division teams as well as the champions of the lower divisions, the Spanish Cup is chock full of suspense and surprises. Of course giants like FC BarcelonaReal Madrid and Atletico de Madrid often take the crown but there have been years in which the underdogs triumph. There is always an inspiring level of hope and passion from all sides in this unique and inclusive competition. Well worth watching on any trip to Spain, buy your tickets for Copa del Rey matches online today.

Copa del Rey's History

It was created in 1903 following the coronation of Alfonso XIII. Is the oldest championship in Spain and the winning club holds the status neither more nor less than champion of Spain. An important point,  despite the participation of many teams, only 14 of them managed to raise the Cup of the King.

A year before the Federation took over the organization of the championship, the first tournament was held by the brothers Padros, the founders of the current club of Real Madrid. Only three teams participated in the first tournament (Club Espanyol representing Catalonia, Madrid Football representing the center and Vizcaya representing the northern region). The champion was the team of Vizcaya (now named Athletic Bilbao), the team defeated the football club Madrid, finishing the match a score of 3-2. After this tournament was born club Atletico Madrid.

Nowadays La Copa del Rey has taken a more importance
 for the number of titles achieved at the end of the season by big clubs, but unfortunately there is still politics in football. Leading to the end of many problems in today's finals where you can get to hear whistles when the Spanish anthem sounds.

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