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Columbus Blue Jackets

Ohio made most of the Civil War's blue jackets worn by the Union Army, and when a National Hockey League team took a base in Columbus, Ohio, the Columbus Blue Jackets seemed like a suitable name for their team (founded in the year 2000). They chose navy blue, white, red and silver for their colors, reminiscent of the Union army. This young hockey team has an impressive roster, and has proven successful from day one. They won their very first match, against the Blackhawks on October 7th, 2000. Dave King (2000) was their first coach, Lyle Odelein (2000) was the first Captain, Steve Mason gave them their first Calder Trophy (2009), and Bruce Gardiner gave their first goal (2000-01 season). They have already made it to their first playoffs (2009). They were born to be winners, buy Columbus Blue Jackets hockey tickets!

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