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Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks were founded by Frederic McLaughlin (1926), who also came up with the name. He served in the army for a battalion from the Blackhawk division (named after a famous Native American). McLaughlin chose the name to commemorate his former unit. Sid Abel, Doug Bentley, Allan Stanley, John Stewart, Whipper Watson, Duke Keats and Hugh Lehman are only a few among the handful of Hall of Fame members they have produced over the years. Calder, President's, Selke, Masterton, Norris, Vezina, and Hart Trophies, this team has won plenty of all of these hockey championships. They have been Stanley Cup and Division Champions on numerous occasions, too. In addition, making it to the playoffs seems to be a piece of cake for this tremendous team, buy Chicago Blackhawks hockey tickets!

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