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The Champions League has been an annual event since it’s founding in 1955 and is now one of the most esteemed tournaments on the football calendar. Formerly known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup, after its name change and expansion in the early 90s, the competition has gained even more global prestige with viewing records for the final reaching up to 180 million. With the German and Spanish teams dominating in recent years and the English and Italians closely behind, there is still plenty of room for a surprise victory in the next Champions League final. Don’t miss your chance to see the best European football teams and buy your Champions League tickets online now and watch the very best of what Europe’s top teams have to offer.
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Champions League History

The UEFA Champions League (UEFA Champions League) is the best competition at the European clubs’ level. Each year, the best clubs of each European country participate with a show contributing with the unique essence of the champion team of each country.  It was established during the 1955-56 season under the name of European Champions Clubs. UEFA approved the organisation of a competition among European clubs, a competition at a European level to designate the best club of the old continent with a direct form of elimination.  In 1992, the competition was restructured and improved for the first time by adding the group stage in a mini-league format, thus changing the name to the current UEFA Champions League. Find out more details about Champions League and the history of the competition. 

Champions League Final

The Champions Finals this year will take place on May 26 in the modern Olympic Stadium of Kiev. For all football fans, the Champions League final is the ultimate match, which simply cannot be missed as the European Champion title is at stake. Many fans travel each year to experience this decisive event, as few fans have the privilege of being able to mention having seen their team win the Champions League. Some of the teams that repeatedly made it to the final phase are: Real Madrid (14), Milan (11), Bayern Munich (10) and FC Barcelona (8). Throughout the history of the finals, great goals were scored and epic finals took place which we will never forget, as for example, Zidane´s goal against Leverkusen or Manchester United´s comeback against Bayern Munich during half-time. A Champions League final game always ensures strong emotions and the best possible football.
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